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My stamp collection is still driving me nuts. How long have I been trying to sell it now? I've been selling everything in my house that isn't nailed down - everything except my guitar picks and my jewelry (well I already sold tons of it). I've apparently been collecting stamps since 1982! I used to get the commemorative stamp books as Christmas gifts every year, starting at age 7. So it turns out all my stamps are worthless (well they aren't exactly worthless - they held their value better than my condo and better than the stock market over the past 10 years). ha. Maybe they aren't so bad! I'll have to look into whether stamp prices have risen more, less, or the same as inflation.

I sold a bunch of stamps at face value. I just want them to go to a good home! What do you mean a 20 cent stamp is still worth only 20 cents?? Sadly I'm using the rest of the unused and unsold stamps on the packages as postage. I feel terrible doing this! I'm back to being an eBay powerseller, and people are getting packages with 20 stamps on them from 1982. Stamps are almost as worthless as Happy Meal toys (I'm sure I went into detail about my sad saga of selling Happy Meal toys before I bought the condo).

Guitar picks are still the way to go - they go up in value like gold (hopefully guitar picks won't crash down one day like gold surely will). I'm excited because I put a guitar pick up for my website on eBay for 1 cent as a loss leader/advertising strategy, and people are bidding like crazy on it (well $1.50). At least something I own is worth more than I paid for it.

I keep going back to Borders to get books on closeout and so far I haven't bought anything. The first few times the books were more expensive than new on Amazon. Now the business books are marked down 70%, but that's still too much for me. Most of them are still probably cheaper used on Amazon. I love books so much, but sadly I contributed to the demise of Borders. I'm sorry Borders.

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