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I'm finally ready to start painting my kitchen cabinets. I've been putting it off since I got the condo in 2008. I have a brief window in Oct to do them - when the weather is not too hot and not too cold, so I can paint all the cabinet faces in the garage. I was just going to paint them, but recently Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations has come out, and it seems easier than regular paint because you don't have to sand anything. It wouldn't be that expensive, except I think I might need two, or even 3 boxes (despite the fact that my kitchen is tiny). I vowed not to spend another cent on anything in the condo that can't come with me one day, but I am so sick of the ugly, cheap wood cabinets. I'm going to paint the cabinets black. The countertops are dark gray/almost black granite, and the wall above and next to the kitchen cabinets is almost black. I will have an all-black kitchen!

For the last year I have been trying to figure out what color to re-paint the walls in the kitchen, and it dawned on me that I don't need to paint them - black is fine. As long as I have enough light I think it will look good. And the great thing is I don't have to worry about resale since my place will never regain its value. But if it does (in 53 years or so), black cabinets are neutral (and maybe they will be retro in the year 2064). I would go with espresso (everyone's fave) but it clashes with the gray countertops. I am totally dreading this project but the cabinets are making me crazy! What really makes me crazy is that the newer condos that were made after mine came with espresso cabinets!! I would have gotten those and picked a different color granite, and I would have saved a ton of money on my mortgage, but I wouldn't have my pool view. And I think those condos came with the AC duct issues fixed(!) I'm not sure, but I know they did something with the AC to make it suck less.
eBay is a trap! I've spent all night organizing my foreign stamps to sell and I looked up Japanese stamps to see if they have any value. OMG there are Hello Kitty stamps from Japan!!! So now I will not be able to rest until I have these Hello Kitty stamps (and there are tons of different ones). The other day I was looking up something else that I wanted to sell and somehow I discovered these adorable .999 silver bullion coins that have hearts and unicorns and stuff on them. They are only like $2-3 each. Every week I discover something new to collect by accident while I'm attempting to make money:(


My stamp collection is still driving me nuts. How long have I been trying to sell it now? I've been selling everything in my house that isn't nailed down - everything except my guitar picks and my jewelry (well I already sold tons of it). I've apparently been collecting stamps since 1982! I used to get the commemorative stamp books as Christmas gifts every year, starting at age 7. So it turns out all my stamps are worthless (well they aren't exactly worthless - they held their value better than my condo and better than the stock market over the past 10 years). ha. Maybe they aren't so bad! I'll have to look into whether stamp prices have risen more, less, or the same as inflation.

I sold a bunch of stamps at face value. I just want them to go to a good home! What do you mean a 20 cent stamp is still worth only 20 cents?? Sadly I'm using the rest of the unused and unsold stamps on the packages as postage. I feel terrible doing this! I'm back to being an eBay powerseller, and people are getting packages with 20 stamps on them from 1982. Stamps are almost as worthless as Happy Meal toys (I'm sure I went into detail about my sad saga of selling Happy Meal toys before I bought the condo).

Guitar picks are still the way to go - they go up in value like gold (hopefully guitar picks won't crash down one day like gold surely will). I'm excited because I put a guitar pick up for my website on eBay for 1 cent as a loss leader/advertising strategy, and people are bidding like crazy on it (well $1.50). At least something I own is worth more than I paid for it.

I keep going back to Borders to get books on closeout and so far I haven't bought anything. The first few times the books were more expensive than new on Amazon. Now the business books are marked down 70%, but that's still too much for me. Most of them are still probably cheaper used on Amazon. I love books so much, but sadly I contributed to the demise of Borders. I'm sorry Borders.

meyers brigg mumbo jumbo

I'm starting to think astrology is more accurate than the Meyers Brigg test. I took yet another one of thoses tests and this time I came up as: ISFP, which is the total opposite of the last test. The only thing I know for sure is that I'm an introvert. If someone asks my type I'll just say I'm a Libra. Nothing describes me more accurately than Libra. I'm annoyed I don't fit into any of the "types" but whatever. I also just took a Type A/Type B test and I fell right in the middle. So I guess I'm just average, middle of the road, or a balanced Libra. I know on the real Meyers Brigg I struggled with a lot of the questions so I don't think it would do much good to do the real test. Oh well.

Meyers Brigg

I was trying to figure out which Meyers Brigg personality I am because I'm always reading about people talking about their "type" and I don't remember mine. I know I took the test in college and I can't remember which type I was - I know it was I (Introverted) and J (Judging) but I can't remember which way I swung when it came to the other two. So I could be 4 different types. Online I can't find the official test, but I took some quizzes, and one says I'm INTJ and the other says I'm ISTJ. One of them says I'm totally I and totally J but almost neutral when it comes to the N vs S and T vs F. No wonder I am messed up - I can't even pick a Meyers Brigg type. I've read the description of all 4 types I could be, and parts of each one sound like me, and parts don't, even though they all contradict each other. I remember taking the test in high school also (although it could have been a different test) and I only remember it suggested being a florist was my idea career. Great. And I think a funeral director.

So are there people that don't fit into one personality type? According to wikipedia INTJ is the second most rare after INFJ, and I never meet anyone like me, so I must be one of the rare ones (which would explain why everyone thinks I'm weird).

What type are you?


Update: I made my boyfriend take the tests and he's a ESFJ. Just writing it down here so I don't forget.

the library

Did you know you can download MP3s from the library? I know all libraries are different, but if I go to my library website, I can download 3 free MP3s a week. They have a lot of music - mostly stuff I don't like - but I found one of the albums I was looking for. Luckily it's only an EP! Of course you can also rent CDs at the library, but the one time I checked they didn't really have anything. Their MP3 website has tons of stuff.

I know you can also download books onto your Kindle/iPad from the library but I don't know anything about that since I still read real books for now.

I'm going through my CDs to get rid of now - jeez like every CD I own is from 1999 (which wasn't exactly a good year for music).

selling CDs

I've already sold off a bunch of my CDs, and now I'm wondering if I should sell more of them and just go digital. Most of my CDs are crap and sell for 1 cent on Amazon, so I'd make like $1 after shipping, which means it's worth keeping them. At the used record store, they would probably also be worth $1.

I found one that's selling for $33 so it makes sense to sell that one. The ones that are selling for around $5 on Amazon - do I sell them now or hold onto them? I'm trying to figure out if they'd be worth more or less 5-10 years from now. Less people will be buying CDs in 5 years (if they are even still around) but there will be some people out there that will still want them. Hmmm.

Why did no one ever tell me you can buy jars of garlic cloves? I used to try to eat raw garlic cloves but it didn't work out so well and I don't want to bother with garlic pills. I just discovered the jars of garlic cloves today. And why did I not know you could buy slices of jalepenos in jars???? I am adding these two things to my list of things that have no calories to eat as a late night snack. Pickles, of course, is on that list. And how had I never had Bread And Butter pickles until a few years ago? You would think I grew up on a rock or something. But growing up I was better versed than a lot of kids on the mainland about certain things - fast food, toys, Esprit, Swatch, hair metal, mochi, cable TV, etc.

I have been eating less and spending less lately thanks to the show "Extreme Couponing." It's not because I've become an extreme couponer, and I am not even good at couponing. I am so bad at it that I get paralyzed going into a store knowing I could probably get a much better deal if I only knew how to coupon properly. Or there are only certain things/brands I want to buy, and there are no coupons for those things. So I end up buying almost nothing - just garlic cloves and jalepenos because as a novelty item they are worth the $2 each.

I don't want to jinx it, but my cat hasn't thrown up in a few days now! I have spend about 10 hours researching cat vomit, and the subject is sooo complicated! Since cats shed even more than normal in the spring I've been brushing her every day with the Furminator and of course getting a golf ball sized hairball off her every day. Then I started feeding her yet another food, one that I think is free of gluten and dairy, cause maybe she has celiac disease (not sure if cats really get that, but they do have gluten allergies), and most cats are lactose intolerant. Anyway, she is happy to not be vomiting anymore. A few weeks ago she stopped vomiting for a week for no reason, so I know I'm not out of the woods yet. It would be pretty silly if all she had wrong with her was hairballs.

And my eyes have been better the last two days so I'm starting to think I just had a sinus headache, rather than my eyes being the cause of the pain. Of course I still can't see well, but I've had blurry vision for 5 years straight, so that's nothing new. It sucks driving on the freeway because I feel like I can't see well enough to drive, but I'm sure I'm safer than most people on the road in Vegas who text while drinking and driving.

Three's Company
I have been completely obsessed with Three's Company the last few months and it's the only thing I look forward to every day. Now it's only on a few times a week so I've moved on to Married With Children. For some reason I thought that show was only on for 4 years, but it was on for 10! That was back when I had a life and didn't have a TV. This week the first season (from 1987) is on - I do not remember watching it then. I only remember watching it in high school. And I didn't watch it in college either, so there are tons of episodes I've never seen. It's weird how different the tone of the first season is to the rest of the 9 seasons. And in the first few episodes Peggy isn't wearing a wig (and she smokes). And Dave Faustino is only 5'3" according to IMDB, which means he's probably 5'2".


Cat Vomit

The only thing that sucks about having cats is that as they get older they get health problems! My cats are the only ones I've ever owned so I have never had to deal with cat issues before. When I first got the cats I was hoping that by the time they got older I would have plenty of money to pay for all their vet bills. Sadly I am making even less money now than I was 10 years ago when I got my first cat, and of course my bills have doubled. Anyway, Starla had been vomiting a lot and right before I was going to take her to the vet I found out my boyfriend had been giving her milk from his cereal every day. She didn't vomit for a week after he stopped giving her the milk. Before that I had switched foods and she was fine for a few weeks. Anyway, she's now vomiting every day again - multiple times a day:( I finally took her to the vet and her blood work and other tests all came back fine - she's perfectly healthy - just like Pucci was when I took him to the vet for his health issue (which I have since fixed). It's like when I go to the doctor and I have 50 things wrong with me, but I'm "fine." I am going to try yet another food tonight - Duck and Pea cat food, which is free of all possible food allergy culprits. If that doesn't work, I guess it's time for x-rays and a sonogram of her stomach. I doubt they will find anything. The only way to tell if she has Irritable Bowel Syndrome is with a biopsy, which is an actual surgery. UGH. I never got my thyroid biopsy cause I couldn't afford it, but I'm more inclined to get it for my cat than for me. I want to rip out all of my carpet and install cement or tile floors, but that's against the HOA, and if someone ever moves in downstairs I'm sure they will notice.


I'm having my heart palpitations every second of the day, and before I thought it was from the Zyrtec or the other medication I'm on, but now I'm back to thinking/knowing it's solely anxiety. Every second of the day is spent worrying about cat vomit and not having any money, and the rest is spent on my trying to make money, and wondering what I should do to make the max amount of money. At least it's a welcomed break from worrying about my hair falling out! I've been getting horrible headaches the last few days. I don't know if it's stress or if it's my eyes. I'm debating if I should get my eyes checked, but then that's $ for the exam,  new contacts, and new glasses, which will be about $250+ total. UGH. I have 5 sets of contacts left, so I was hoping I could put it off a few months.


Finally, I splurged on a $3 ringtone. I've finally joined the 90s (or 2000s - whenever ringtones came out). I'm sure I could have gotten the ringtone free but I don't know how to do it. Anyway, my ringtone is "Everything She Wants" by Wham! I know no one even has ringtones anymore, but the tones that came with my phone suck, so I needed to get something. Otherwise I like my new free phone! The guy at the store said I will get charged if I use Facebook/Email, so even though it's set up for it, I can't use it for free.

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